China 's solar thermal power generation and heating industry development blue book release

- Mar 28, 2017-

Blue Book pointed out that by the end of 2016, China's total installed capacity of solar thermal power generation reached 28.3MW, 2016 new installed capacity of 10.2MW.

In the new technology of solar thermal power generation, in addition to the traditional system optimization technology, system and equipment reliability technology, equipment cost and efficiency technology, to meet the power load duck-type curve system and grid scheduling technology, supercritical solar thermal power generation Technology, supercritical carbon dioxide solar thermal power generation technology, solid dielectric heat sink, heavy metal alloy heat sink media technology is particularly noteworthy. Solar thermal conversion to chemical energy, the preparation of liquid and gas fuel technology is also worth noting the technology.

At present, the challenges of solar thermal power industry are: the rapid reduction of PV price, the accumulation of experience in integrated technology operation, the overcapacity of manufacturing industry, the emergence of low quality and low price competition, the shortage of engineering and technical personnel, China's enterprises and the challenges of technological development, technology-driven R & D and lack of investment in pilot funds and other issues, lack of technical standards design specifications, product testing capacity to be established and other issues.