- Dec 11, 2017-

Solar supply system is that the solar panel charges the solar energy after sunshine to transfer into the electric power andstore in the battery,though the controller’s over-charging and discharging  protection and inventers transformation,supply to electric appliance.
Factors when designing should be considered:
A.The power of the electrical appliance and the working hours.
B.The efficient sunshine hours in the location.
C.The proportion of the rainy and cloudy days in the location.
D.The obligate working hours normally.
E.Set up the data in the light of the weather report for the location of generationing system,such as sunshine hour,natural disaster and so on.
F.The area of the generating system should be wide and secure that there is no high building or other things to cover the solar panels.
G.Nearing the public electric net,better the location of the generating system is.