The composition of solar panels

- Mar 28, 2017-

Battery: the use of high efficiency (17.5%) of the solar chip package to ensure that solar panels generate sufficient power.

Glass: the use of low-iron steel velvet glass (also known as ultra-white glass), the thickness of 3.2mm, in the solar cell spectral response wavelength range (320-1100nm) light transmission rate of 91% or more, for more than 1200 nm infrared Light has a higher reflectivity. This glass can also control the sun's ultraviolet radiation, light transmission rate does not decline.

Solar panels EVA: the use of anti-UV agent, antioxidants and curing agent thickness of 0.78mm high-quality EVA film as a solar cell sealant and glass, TPT between the connecting agent. Has a high light transmittance and anti-aging ability.

Solar panel TPT: The back cover of the solar cell - the fluoroplastic film is white and reflexes the sun, so the efficiency of the module is slightly improved and the component's work is reduced due to its high infrared emissivity Temperature, but also help improve the efficiency of components. Of course, this fluorine plastic film first with solar cell packaging materials required anti-aging, corrosion resistance, airtight and other basic requirements.