The maintenance and maintenance of solar water heater

- Mar 28, 2017-

1, the top of the water heater and around the shelter or the local air smoke and dust, the collector surface dust. Treatment: remove the shelter or re-select the installation location, polluted areas, the user should regularly wipe the solar energy.

2, Sheung Shui valve is not strict, tap water (cold water) will be hot water out of the water tank caused by lower water temperature. Remedy: Repair or replace the water valve.

3, in order to ensure the normal use of water heaters, the monthly safety valve to be carried out not less than once the maintenance, to ensure the normal pressure relief valve.

4, the upper and lower water pipes leak. Remedy: Replace the pipe valve or connector.

5, the regular system of sewage, to prevent pipeline obstruction; and the water tank to clean, to ensure clean water. When the sewage, as long as the normal water to ensure that the case, open the sewage valve to the sewage valve out of the water on the line.

6, for the balcony wall-mounted solar water heaters, regularly remove the solar collector transparent cover on the dust, dirt, keep the cover clean to ensure a higher light transmittance. Cleaning work should be in the morning or evening sunshine is not strong, the temperature is low to prevent the transparent cover is cold water crushed, pay attention to check the transparent cover is damaged, if damaged should be replaced.