What is the price of solar panels?

- Mar 28, 2017-

Solar panels generate electricity, power generation per square meter in 120w or so, the cost per square meter in 1500 yuan, the larger the area the lower the price

PV industry in 2013 by the European and American anti-monopoly investigation, overcapacity led to a large number of Zhejiang photovoltaic industry closed down, solar energy prices fell, this can be online at any time check

It is recommended to buy solar water heater prices each priced at 150-180 yuan, including in accordance with the material and other costs, buy optimistic about whether there is a reliable local sale

Solar panel power generation, the group size of the proposed tender, mainly substation and storage of electrical equipment is very expensive, the highest conversion rate of 17% -20% efficiency is very low, not as good as plant photosynthesis

Now the national clean energy, photovoltaic power generation support policy is more than 10kw can be free and network, but the price of electricity is very low recovery, cumbersome procedures.