Knowledge Of Colored Solar Panels

- Jun 08, 2017-

    The color solar panel is a solar panel developed by a solar company in Jerusalem that absorbs the light energy of different colors of sunlight in the solar spectrum, so it can not work at sun when it works. And can achieve a maximum conversion rate of 20%, is currently on the market supply of ordinary solar panels conversion efficiency of twice.Colorful Solar Panel

    Color solar panels - cost, the production of color solar panels is still developing color solar collectors, but the company said its launch of solar panels each generating a watt of energy that costs no more than a dollar, At present, the conventional solar panels produce one watt of energy at a cost of four dollars.Colorful Solar Panel

    Color solar panels - conversion rates, the company said that they developed the color of solar panels can not absorb the heat in the case of absorption of visible light and ultraviolet light. If you absorb the heat in the case, will reduce the efficiency of solar panels. The company also said that its development of color solar panels only 20% of the silicon material, and can achieve a maximum conversion rate of 20%, is currently on the market supply of ordinary solar panel conversion efficiency twice.Colorful Solar Panel

    The reason why the British "Economist" magazine said the company developed the color solar panel conversion efficiency is high, because the edge of the battery board is different. "The traditional solar panels are first made from the raw material in a sheet shape and then covered with a glass plate on it, and the company produces a colored solar panel that covers only the finely shaped part of the glass plate." Silicon material. This approach can make the radiation to the glass surface of the sun spread to electricity

    The edge of the pool, silicon material can also be part of the light energy into electricity. "

    The report also said the company is through the glass plate covered with a layer of dye and a mixture of nano-metal to achieve this goal, but the company declined to disclose the properties of this metal.Colorful Solar Panel