A Detailed Introduction To The Components System Of Solar Systems

- Sep 15, 2017-

    Solar photovoltaic system is mainly composed of solar photovoltaic batteries, photovoltaic system battery Controller, battery and AC/DC inverter is its main components. The core components are photovoltaic modules and controllers. The role of the components in the system is: Photovoltaic cells: photoelectric conversion. Controller: The process control that acts on the whole system. There are many types of controller used in PV system, such as 2-point controller, multi-channel sequential controller, intelligent controller, high power tracking and charging controller, and so on, most of which are simply designed controller, the intelligent controller is only used in communication system and larger photovoltaic power station.Solar Systems

    Battery: The battery is the key component of the photovoltaic power system, which is used to store the power from the photovoltaic cell. At present, there is no special battery for photovoltaic system, but the conventional lead-acid battery is used. AC/DC inverter: Because its function is AC/DC conversion, the most important indicator of this part is reliability and conversion efficiency. The grid-connected inverter uses the maximum power tracking technology to maximize the power transfer of photovoltaic cells into the grid.Solar Systems

     Photovoltaic power generation system, according to its use of different places, can be divided into space applications and ground applications two broad categories. The ground can be used as an independent power supply, can also be combined with wind turbines or diesel engines, such as a hybrid power system, but also connected with the power grid, the power grid transmission. At present, the application of a wide range of photovoltaic power generation system is mainly used as a ground independent power.Solar Systems

    Battery group: The battery group is a solar cell array of energy storage device, its role is to the square in the sun when the excess energy emitted to store, in the evening or rainy days for load use. In the photovoltaic power system, the battery is in the floating charge and discharge condition, summer sunshine volume, in addition to the supply load, but also to the battery charge; in the winter sunshine, this part of the stored power gradually released, on the basis of this seasonal cycle is also to add a much smaller daily circulation, the day phalanx to the battery charging, ( At the same time, the square is also to the load of electricity, at night the load of electricity from the battery supply.Solar Systems