Analysis Of Solar Cells

- Mar 28, 2017-

Recently, foreign investigative agencies in accordance with the output power, released the world's top ten solar panel manufacturers ranked. In the list, the results of Chinese manufacturers is extremely dazzling, Trina Solar, Yingli Green Energy Holdings, Artes Sunshine Power, Han Huaxin Energy, Jingke Energy Holdings, JA Solar and Yuhui Sunshine 7 Chinese manufacturers list, And firmly occupy the front position in the list, which Trina Solar ranked first. In addition, the Japanese two companies and the United States have a list of enterprises.

In addition to the list of Chinese companies in the solar cell industry dominance, China has been the world's largest solar cell market, and China's overseas solar panel manufacturers more closed, so the Chinese manufacturers in the solar cell industry's outstanding performance in the reason in. However, the impact of domestic economic downturn, China's solar cell market sluggish state, overcapacity crisis highlights, which need to cause domestic manufacturers vigilance.