Application Of Solar Heating System

- Oct 18, 2017-

Solar heating system refers to the solar energy as a heating system heat source, the use of solar collectors to convert solar energy into heat, the supply of winter heating and other parts of the year with the heat system. Solar heating can be divided into active and passive two ways. Passive solar heating through the construction of the direction and the surrounding environment of the rational layout of the internal space and external body clever treatment, as well as building materials and structural structure of the appropriate choice, so that the building in the winter to fully collect, store and distribute solar radiation heat.Solar Systems

Active solar heating system mainly by the solar collector system, thermal storage system, the end of the heating system, automatic control systems and other energy-assisted heating, heat transfer equipment set, compared to passive solar heating, the heating conditions more Stable, but at the same time, investment costs also increased, the system more complex. With the economic and social development, active solar heating began large-scale application.Solar Systems In recent years, solar energy heating construction projects, more concentrated and representative of the new residential solar heating project. As the rural residential relative dispersion, low density, should not use large investment and high maintenance level of central heating mode, and the traditional coal-fired heating and there are low efficiency, pollution of the environment, higher costs and other issues in rural areas to promote safety and environmental protection, operating costs Low solar heating system in line with the new rural construction of the objective requirements.Solar Systems

Solar heating heating area is much larger than the solar hot water system, the installation location requirements for high-rise buildings or residential density of the larger urban installation and construction conditions are inadequate, limiting the application, while the rural residential building volume ratio Lower, no obvious shelter, with the construction of solar heating project good conditions.Solar Systems