Brief Introduction Of Solar Panel Assembly Technology

- Mar 28, 2017-

1, battery test: the performance of the battery because of the random, the performance of the battery performance is not the same, so in order to effectively match the performance of similar or similar batteries, it should be based on its performance parameters for classification; They are sorted by testing the output parameters (current and voltage) of the battery. To improve the utilization of the battery, to make the quality of qualified battery components.

2, the front welding: the convergence is connected to the front of the battery (negative) on the main grid line, the convergence zone for the tinned copper, we can use the welding machine in the form of multi-point spot welding in the main grid on-line. The heat source for welding is an infrared light (using the thermal effect of infrared). The length of the tape is about twice the length of the battery. The extra welding tape is connected to the back electrode of the rear battery sheet when it is welded on the back side