Development Trend Of Solar Cells

- Mar 28, 2017-

Solar cells, also known as "photovoltaic cells" and solar photovoltaic, it is a use of solar photovoltaic power generation of semiconductor thin film, the main crystalline silicon solar cells and thin film solar cells, crystalline silicon solar cells is more mature technology, Extensive solar photovoltaic cells. Prospects Industry Research Institute "2015-2020 China's solar cell industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis report" shows that in 2014 the global demand for crystalline silicon solar cells and components for the 35GW, and the past year, China's crystalline silicon cells and components Production capacity of 40GW, much higher than global demand. Domestic solar cell capacity audit issues to be resolved, the next few years, digestion of domestic excess solar cell production capacity will be the main theme of the development of the industry.