Experiments On Charging System Of Solar Panel

- Oct 18, 2017-

It is generally accepted that the charging system must be monitored to prevent the battery from being completely depleted. Therefore, proper measurements must be made and the measurement data collected in real time to maintain and restore battery life. The instrument we used includes a DC1688 demonstration board that uses a solar battery charge controller that connects to the company's 70W (Solec SQ-70) solar panel, the highest voltage for this solar panel 17V, current is 4.45A 1. The demo board is very simple: connect the solar panels and batteries, you can work properly.Solar Panel

Track the power curve and optimize the curve to charge the battery with a maximum current of 14V and 2A, thus optimizing the power supply of the solar panel. With the pre-check function, the low-voltage battery will be trickle charge to keep the battery running, if the battery is not responding to pre-verification, then the device also provides bad battery detection indicator.Solar Panel

Does the charging circuit maximize the battery charge? Does the charging circuit make the most of solar lighting and solar panels? Although it is not difficult to measure efficiency with output power / input power x 100, it is unrealistic to carry four multimeters and a calculator to the desert, constantly reading the readings and measurements. However, we can use the internally developed "efficiency meter". Using two Linear Technology Demonstration boards, a microcontroller and an ADC, you can form an efficiency meter and use this efficiency meter to measure and calculate efficiency in real time, and finally display the results on the LCD display.Solar Panel