Folding Solar Panel Array

- Jul 31, 2017-

             A growing number of studies have shown that the traditional plate-type solar panels are inefficient, and researchers have turned their attention to developing new types of solar panels. Recently, MIT researchers released their latest research on tower 3D solar panels This new achievement uses the folding structure to stack the small piece of plate, can more effectively use the sunlight, the energy acquisition efficiency is increased 2 to 20 times times, and its structure occupies a small area, easy to store and transport, it is likely to become one of the future development direction of solar panels.Folding Solar Panels

              The device used in the concept can be folded into a 8.9-foot-diameter prototype and expanded into a 82-foot array. As a concept of validation, the team has created a prototype of the size of the desktop, expanding up to 4 feet, can be a good demonstration of the concept of device folding and extension.Folding Solar Panels

              Trease said, ' This is the integration of art, culture and technology ' he believes the solar cells can be deployed to a variety of spacecraft and used in low-cost satellites. At present, the equipment is still in the prototype stage, the direction of team development may symbolize the future development of space science and technology equipment direction-beautiful modeling and practicality.Folding Solar Panels