Folding Solar Panels

- Aug 13, 2017-

                Solar panel devices are not usually too much of a consideration, but a team from NASA's aerospace agency has developed a very elegant solar panel device. Trease, a mechanical engineer from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the research team at Brigham Young University and the a origami expert , developed a prototype that integrates the technology with plastic arts.Folding Solar Panels

               The device used in the concept can be folded into a 8.9-foot-diameter prototype and expanded into a 82-foot array. As a concept of validation, the team has created a prototype of the size of the desktop, expanding up to 4 feet, can be a good demonstration of the concept of the device folding and extending the way.Folding Solar Panels

               Trease said, ' This is the integration of art, culture and technology ' he believes the solar cells can be deployed to a variety of spacecraft and used in low-cost satellites. At present, the equipment is still in the prototype stage, the direction of team development may symbolize the future development of space science and technology equipment direction-beautiful modeling and practicality.Folding Solar Panels

               At this stage, humanity is facing a serious threat of depletion of fossil fuels such as oil and coal, solar energy is a clean green energy, is one of the richest renewable energy, but the solar energy has a low density, intermittent, spatial distribution of the constantly changing shortcomings, which makes the current series of solar energy equipment to the utilization of solar energy is not high. The solar-ray automatic tracking device solves the problem of low solar energy utilization. In this paper, the design of a folding solar panel intelligent Tracking system is designed.Folding Solar Panels