How To Clean The Solar Panels

- Mar 28, 2017-

1. According to the local comprehensive conditions to develop a reasonable cleaning time schedule to ensure a scientific and efficient cycle cleaning plan to meet the power generation efficiency requirements.

2. Cleaning must be clean and thorough, if left dead may cause "hot spot effect" and other serious consequences.

In the case of normal illumination, the battery is not cleaned by the power generation unit into a power unit. The masked PV cell becomes a non-generating load resistance, consuming the power generated by the connected battery, that is, heat Spot effect. This process will aggravate the aging of the battery, reduce the output, serious will cause a fire.

3. Use a special cleaning solution. Some users use ordinary tap water or well water to clean, clean the battery, because the water contains many impurities will be attached to the battery components on the surface of the glass plate, reducing solar power efficiency. Experiments show that the use of tap water rinse the battery, cleaning than using a special cleaning solution will reduce the power generation efficiency of 1.8% or more.