Polycrystalline Solar Panel

- Aug 13, 2017-

               Polycrystalline solar panel is made up of polysilicon high efficiency solar cell, EVA plastic film low tempered glass and light plating rate gold. Can be used in solar street lamps, solar lawn lamp, solar power system, communications, aerospace and other channels. Polysilicon is a collection of a large number of single crystal particles, it has a variety of different direction of the single composition. The waste secondary crystalline silicon material and metallurgical grade silica melt casting solidification. It is simple to manufacture and low in cost. Usually, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of polysilicon solar cells is about 16%.Solar Panel

               Solar Panel The output power of polycrystalline solar panels is strictly controlled in ±3% to ensure that each container is a positive tolerance. Its components are tested by internationally renowned laboratories to ensure the accuracy of the output rate. In the process of assembly production, the application of advanced technology without screws with a built-in angle key connection, tight sealing, high resistance to mechanical strength, the use of high transmittance tempered glass packaging and sealing waterproof junction box, to ensure the safety of components, to ensure that these photovoltaic modules in 10 during the use of the output power of more than 90%; in 25, the output power was over 80%. Polycrystalline solar panel selection of packaging forms and wiring boxes and other accessories to meet the requirements of the field, the protection level reached IP65. The component resists wind pressure up to 2400 kpa, can withstand the 120km/h wind speed, the component strength can withstand the general sand, hail and the snow pressure.Solar Panel