Power Supply Function Of Black Solar Panel

- Oct 27, 2017-

The solar panel and lithium battery performance characteristics, solar panels: monocrystalline silicon or Polysilicon 10W (can also do), 17V DC (24VDC). Battery: Lithium battery 24V DC, 50AH. Solar charge controller Charging output 24V DC, 10A. Data Collector 3W, 24V DC. Radio transmitter 24VDC transmit current <40ma, receiving current <20ma, dormant current <20µa. The Power box can guarantee the load of 4W continuous rainy day 3-4 days, with battery reverse protection function, with solar cell reverse protection function, with load over-current and short-circuit protection function, with battery overcharge over discharge protection function.Black Solar Panel

With power supply and the use of power at the same time, monitoring system can be in the computer or on the touch screen operation, using Kingview, Kun Rui monitoring and other configuration monitoring software, programming. Data collection, monitoring, comparison, storage, printing and other functions. Use: Wireless remote temperature, such as instrumentation monitoring system is by years of practical experience and engineering applications, in order to meet the market demand for the development of data receivers and wireless transmitter communication as one of the terminal products. The product includes: temperature sensor ﹑, such as remote wireless data transmission, with fixed-point data upload function, wireless radio transmitter as a communication platform, with no geographical restrictions, stability, reliability and low cost advantages.Black Solar Panel

Solar panels are advanced mono-crystalline silicon manufacturing process, can be in the sun enough Sunshine good East West area to use, but also in rainy days more than a lot of sunlight is relatively not sufficient in the south, suitable for most areas of the country use. The product in strict accordance with the field application design and production, the selection of packaging and wiring boxes and other accessories to meet the requirements of the field, protection level to reach IP65. The component resists wind pressure up to 2400 kpa, can withstand the 120km/h wind speed, the component strength can withstand the general sand, hail and the snow pressure.Black Solar Panel