Solar Panel Efficiency Meter

- Sep 26, 2017-

     Resources, material constraints, commissioning and time pressures are challenging when testing equipment or products on site. However, failure is the mother of the success of the field test work, and the experience accumulated in the field test also helps the designer to understand the system thoroughly. We want to test the solar powered 12V lead-acid car battery charging circuit prototype system, we want to use the car battery to the LED lights, audio systems, water for camping showers and spray systems, and other power supply, to prove that the charging circuit will not be damaged and work properly.Solar Panel

     Our test environment is the American hot Nevada desert, where there is no water, no shade, no electricity, nothing. Under such conditions, the only hope of living is to ship everything that is needed for a few days with a freight car and return as much as you can. In each case, this is a perfect test environment to determine whether the system is sufficient to provide a comfortable living condition.Solar Panel

    It is widely believed that the charging system must be monitored to prevent the battery from completely running out. Therefore, appropriate measurements must be carried out and the measurement data collected in real time to maintain and restore battery life. The apparatus we use includes a DC1688 demo circuit board that uses the LT3652 solar cell charging controller of the Liert, which is connected to the 70W (Solec SQ-70) solar panel of the Solec company, which has a maximum voltage of 17V, Current is 4 45A 1.Solar Panel

   The Demo circuit board is very simple: connect the solar panels and batteries, and you can work properly. LT3652 tracks the power curve and optimizes the curve to charge the battery with a maximum current of 14V and 2, thereby optimizing the power supply of the solar panel. LT3652 with a pre check function, the low-voltage battery will be trickle charging to keep the battery running well, if the battery does not respond to the pre-inspection, then the device also provides a bad battery detection signal.Solar Panel