Solar Photovoltaic System

- Jul 31, 2017-

           Solar photovoltaic systems are used in rural areas without electricity, fishing boats, islands, yachts, frontier posts, field missions, farms, farm, ranch, and holiday homes, etc.

             Solution: Solar photovoltaic system using solar power, can be difficult to extend the power grid to effectively solve the problem of electricity, to overcome the traditional power grid because of the construction of high and low voltage lines brought about by the difficult, material freight costs, engineering costs and other difficult problems.Solar Systems

             Solar photovoltaic systems are mainly composed of photovoltaic modules, controllers, inverters, batteries and other auxiliary components. The electric energy emitted by the photovoltaic module is charged to the battery after being controlled by the intelligent controller, and the DC power of the battery is supplied by the DC load by the controller, or the AC load is used after the inverter is reversed.

Programme features: The full use of solar energy to generate electricity independently, without external power supply, exemption from the construction of substations, the erection of high and low voltage lines and              high and low voltage distribution systems and other projects; without a lot of wire and distribution system equipment overhead, to save non-ferrous Metals; The workload of power facilities maintenance and the corresponding costs have been greatly reduced; there are no accidental losses such as overhead lines and power facilities stolen; Independent power supply, in the face of natural disasters will not affect all users of electricity; low voltage power supply, Operation safety, maintenance simple.Solar Systems

             Low cost and high quality are key factors in seeking grid parity from solar photovoltaic systems. The doubly-FU industrial sensor helps manufacturers of photovoltaic wafers, batteries, module control and management processes to meet and exceed their production goals. Whether through the diffusion furnace tracking material or the detection module after the assembly of defects, our industrial sensors in the solar photovoltaic manufacturing in a wide range of applications to provide excellent value.Solar Systems