Solar Systems Software Application Device

- Oct 11, 2017-

The use of a single chip and special software to achieve the intelligent control, the use of battery discharge rate characteristics of the correct discharge control. The discharge voltage is controlled by the discharge rate curve of the control point, eliminating the simple voltage control overdosed inaccuracies, consistent with the inherent characteristics of the battery, that is, different discharge rates have different end voltage.Solar Systems

With the overcharge, over discharge, electronic short circuit, overload protection, unique anti-reverse protection and other automatic control; the above protection does not damage any parts, do not burn insurance; use series PWM charging the main circuit, the charging circuit voltage The loss of charge than the use of diode charging circuit reduced by nearly half, the charging efficiency of 3% -6% higher than the non-PWM, increased power consumption; over discharge recovery to enhance the charge, the normal direct charge, float automatic control system Long service life; at the same time with high precision temperature compensation; intuitive LED LED indicates the current battery status, allowing users to understand the use of the situation; all control all use industrial chip (only with I industrial controller), in the cold, High temperature, humid environment to run freely.Solar Systems

At the same time the use of crystal timing control, timing control accuracy; cancel the potentiometer to adjust the control set point, and the use of E-side memory records the work of the control point, so that the digital set, eliminating the potentiometer vibration bias, Control point error occurs to reduce the accuracy, reliability of the factors; the use of digital LED display and settings, one-button operation to complete all settings, the use of extremely convenient and intuitive role is to control the work of the entire system, and the battery to play Overcharge protection, over discharge protection role. In the larger temperature difference, the qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. Other additional functions such as light control switches, time control switches should be optional for the controller.Solar Systems