The Main Introduction Of Polycrystalline Poly Solar Panel Materials

- Sep 15, 2017-

     At present, crystalline silicon solar cells, crystalline silicon solar cell classification in the contemporary application is more and more extensive, crystalline silicon solar cells, crystalline silicon solar cell classification is worth studying well, now we are in-depth understanding of crystalline silicon solar cells, crystalline silicon solar cell classification.Poly Solar Panel

     Solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable energy source for mankind. is also clean energy, does not produce any environmental pollution. In the efficient use of solar energy, the photoelectric utilization of Dayang energy is one of the most notable projects in recent years, which is the fastest growing and most vigorous research field. To this end, solar cells have been developed and developed. The production of solar cells is mainly based on semiconductor materials, its working principle is the use of optoelectronic materials to absorb light after the occurrence of photoelectric conversion reaction, according to the different materials used.Poly Solar Panel

     The main reason for solar cells to be silicon materials: based on the above considerations, silicon is the most ideal solar cell material, which is the main reason for solar cells to silicon materials. But with the development of new materials and related technologies, solar cells based on other materials are also showing an attractive prospect. This paper briefly reviews the types of solar cells and their research status, and discusses the development and trend of solar cells.Poly Solar Panel

     Silicon series solar cells, monocrystalline silicon dayang energy battery conversion efficiency is the highest, technology is also the most mature. The high performance monocrystalline silicon battery is based on the high quality monocrystalline silicon material and the related thermal processing process. Now monocrystalline silicon battery technology is nearly mature, in the production of batteries, the general use of surface texture, emission zone passivation, zoning and other technology, the development of the battery is mainly planar monocrystalline silicon cells and slotted submerged grid electrode monocrystalline silicon cells.Poly Solar Panel