The Use And Characteristics Of Solar Panels

- Jun 19, 2017-

    The use of solar energy is divided into several aspects: the family with a small solar power station, large-scale grid-connected power plants, building integrated photovoltaic glass curtain wall, Yuxiang solar street lights, wind and solar street lights, wind and solar power supply system, the main application for the building And the wind and light complementary system. Advantages: 1, solar energy inexhaustible, the Earth's surface to accept the solar radiation energy, to meet the global energy needs of 10,000 times. As long as the global 4% of the desert to install solar photovoltaic systems, the power can meet the needs of the world. Solar power is safe and reliable, will not suffer from the energy crisis or fuel market instability; 2, solar energy can be anywhere, can be near power supply, do not have long distance transmission, to avoid the long-distance transmission line loss; 3, solar energy without fuel, The cost is very low; 4, solar power without moving parts, easy to use damage, easy maintenance, especially for unattended use; 5, solar power will not produce any waste, no pollution, noise and other pollution, Adverse effects, is the ideal clean energy; 6, solar power generation system construction cycle is short, convenient and flexible, and can increase or decrease according to the load, any increase or reduce the capacity of solar array, to avoid waste.Solar Panel

    Disadvantages: 1, ground applications are intermittent and random, power generation and climate conditions, in the evening or rainy days can not or rarely power; 2, the energy density is low, under standard conditions, the ground received the sun The radiation intensity is 1000W / M ^ 2. Large size, the need to take a larger area; 3, the price is still relatively expensive, for the conventional power generation 3 to 15 times the initial investment high.Solar Panel

    Solar energy inexhaustible. It is estimated that the amount of solar energy projected into the Earth in a year is equivalent to the heat generated by 137 trillion tons of standard coal, about 20,000 times the energy generated by the use of various energy sources in the world. Solar energy in the conversion process will not produce environmental hazards. Solar energy resources throughout the world, can be decentralized, regional mining. China about 2/3 of the region can make better use of solar energy resources. Photovoltaic power generation is intermittent, there is sunlight when power generation, and power generation and the strength of the sun is proportional to the relationship. Photovoltaic power generation is static, no moving parts, long life, no need or minimal maintenance. The PV system is modular and can be installed close to power consumption. In areas far from the grid, it can reduce the cost of transmission and distribution and increase the reliability of the power supply facilities.Solar Panel