Wide Range Of Application Of Solar Systems

- Oct 27, 2017-

At present, China's photovoltaic system is mainly DC system, the solar battery will be issued to the battery charge, and the battery directly to the load, such as the use of more solar household lighting system in northwest China, as well as the microwave station power supply system is DC.Solar Systems

This kind of system structure is simple, low-cost, but because of the different load DC voltage (such as 12V, 24V, 48V, etc.), it is difficult to achieve the standardization and compatibility of the system, especially civil power, because most of the AC load, DC power supply of photovoltaic power supply is difficult to enter the market as a commodity Photovoltaic power will be the ultimate implementation of grid-connected operation, this must be the use of mature market model, the future exchange of photovoltaic power generation system will become the mainstream of photovoltaic power generation.Solar Systems

The DC input voltage is required to have a wide range of adaptation, because the voltage of the solar cell varies with the load and the intensity of the sun, the battery is of great importance to the voltage of the solar cell, but the voltage of the battery fluctuates with the residual capacity and the internal resistance of the battery, especially when the battery is aging, the change range of its end voltage is very large, such as 12V battery, its end voltage can be changed between 10v~16v, this requires the inverter must be in the larger DC input voltage range to ensure normal operation, and to ensure the stability of AC output voltage.Solar Systems

The inverter converts the DC power into alternating current, if the DC voltage is low, the standard AC voltage and frequency can be obtained by boosting the AC transformer. For large-capacity inverter, because the DC bus voltage is higher, AC output generally does not need to boost the transformer can reach 220V, in the small-capacity inverter, due to low DC voltage, such as 12V, 24V, we must design the boost circuit.Solar Systems