Will Colorful Solar Panel Be Affected By Green Light

- Jul 03, 2017-

     Polaris Solar Photovoltaic network: Have you ever wondered why the solar panel is only black or blue? Of course, the answer is simple, because the solar panel uses crystalline silicon and cadmium telluride to be blue or black. But the latest experiment by a team of scientists from the University of California in the United States suggests that solar panels will be more energy efficient if made green.
     Inspired by plant colours, the University of California assistant professor Nathan Gabor got the idea in an accidental situation. "At an academic seminar, I was in deep thought, and physicists could always explain why the sky was blue, so I thought, why are plants green?" "Gabor has found that, in spite of a lot of ideas in academia, none of them can be proven right." In general, if a plant wants to absorb solar energy as much as possible, it absorbs the green light in the sun's spectrum as the best choice, because the sunlight has the highest energy. However, the vast majority of plants do not absorb green light, but reflect the green light, because "in the solar spectrum, the green light is many, but very unstable." For plants, they do not like green light, because the green light is difficult to convert energy steadily. "For the green light, plants are rejected, they reflect the green light, so the plants look green."Colorful Solar Panel
    Why solar panels are made green.Green plants reflect the green light in the sun, the goal is to stabilize the conversion of energy, which is undoubtedly similar to the plight of solar panels: the inability to convert electrical energy steadily, thus affecting the efficiency of electricity generation. As we all know, solar cells tend to generate electricity in the same way: when the molecules in a solar cell absorb sunlight, the energy levels of some electrons begin to rise. The molecule does not control these energies, so it transfers electrons to different molecules to form an electric current. If the current is not stable, then the efficiency of the power generation can not be discussed.Colorful Solar Panel
    Prof Gabor believes that the green light in the sun is very abundant, but the green light is not popular for plants or solar cells. The more light the panels absorb at a particular wavelength, the more volatile the signal, and thus the absorption energy becomes inefficient. In short, although the green light is strong, but very unstable, solar panels if you want to improve efficiency, you must avoid the green light. At the same time, Gabor and his team believe that the best way to improve the efficiency of solar cells is to absorb two of different colors of the sun, and neither color should contain green.Colorful Solar Panel