Will Solar Panel Have Radiation?

- Aug 15, 2017-

     Photovoltaic power is the direct conversion of light energy through the characteristics of semiconductors to DC power, and then through the inverter to convert DC power to be used by our alternating current. There is no chemical change and no nuclear reaction, so PV will not have shortwave radiation. The significance of radiation is very wide, light radiation, electromagnetic wave is radiation, particle flow is radiation, heat is also radiation. So clearly we are in a variety of radiation. What kind of radiation is harmful to people? The general sense of "radiation" refers to those harmful to human cells radiation, such as the cause of cancer, there is a very high probability of triggering genetic variation. Generally, it contains shortwave radiation and some high-energy particle streams.Solar Panel
     Will photovoltaic panels produce radiation? For photovoltaic power generation, the generator of solar modules is the direct conversion of energy, in the visible light range of energy conversion, there is no other product generated in the process, so do not produce additional harmful radiation. The solar inverter is only a General Electric power electronic products, although there are igbt or transistor, and has dozens of k switching frequency, but all inverters have metal shielding shell, and comply with the global certification of electromagnetic compatibility. Solar Panel
     Solar panels are through the absorption of sunlight, solar radiation through the photoelectric effect or photochemical effects directly or indirectly converted into electrical energy, most of the main solar panels are "silicon", but because of the production costs, so it is widely used there are certain limitations. Compared to ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar cells belong to a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly green products.Solar Panel
     The main role of the battery is to generate electricity, the main power generation market is crystalline silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells, both have advantages and disadvantages. Crystalline silicon solar cell, equipment cost is relatively low, but consumption and the cost of the battery is very high, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency is also high, it is suitable to generate electricity in outdoor sunlight; thin-film solar cells, relatively high cost of equipment, but the cost of consumption and battery is very low, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency relative to the crystalline silicon cell chip more than half the point, but the weak light effect is very good, in ordinary light can also generate electricity, such as Solar Panel