Working Principle Of Poly Solar Panel

- Sep 06, 2017-

     polycrystalline silicon solar panel: Basically, polycrystalline silicon solar panel, as the name suggests, comes from a plurality of crystalline silica substrates, is currently the most common type of panels. The efficiency of the solar panel is slightly lower than that of the monocrystalline silicon, but when combined into a solar array, the number of watts in a single solar panel is smaller than that of the former. At present, more than the domestic trial is polycrystalline solar panels, the battery board also needs to be encapsulated in epoxy resin or sandwiched in the glass substrate for protection.Poly Solar Panel
     Polysilicon is the direct raw material to produce monocrystalline silicon, and it is the electronic information basic material of modern artificial intelligence, automatic control, information processing, photoelectric conversion and other semiconductor devices. Known as the cornerstone of the microelectronics mansion. In solar energy utilization, silicon and polycrystalline silicon also play a huge role. Of course, from now on, to make solar power has a larger market, by the vast number of consumers to accept, we must improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells, reduce production costs. From the current development of the international solar cell, it can be seen that the development trend of monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, ribbon silicon, thin film materials (including Microcrystalline silicon film, compound base film and dye film).Poly Solar Panel
      From the view of industrialization development, the center of gravity has been developed from single crystal to polycrystalline direction, the main reason is that the solar cell can be supplied with less and more head and tail material; for solar cells, the square substrate is more cost-effective, and the polysilicon obtained by casting method and direct Solidification method can obtain the square material directly; the production process of polycrystalline silicon has been progressing continuously, Automatic casting furnace every production cycle (50 hours) can produce more than 200 kilograms of silicon ingots, grain size reached the centimeter level.Poly Solar Panel