110 Watt BIPV Solar Panel

110 Watt BIPV Solar Panel

Warranty: 25 years products warranty. The output power is not less than 90% in 10 years and is not less than 80% in 25 years. Standard test conditions: STC:AM=1.5,1000W/m²,cell temperature 25ºC Power tolerance: ±3%(can be provided 0-+3%)
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Product Details

Product Features

middot; High Efficiency 

middot; Easy Installation and Handling 

middot; Mechanical Load Capability of up to 113 psf (5400 Pa)

middot; ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, TUV, CE Certified

middot; Application Class A



middot; Very low appearance defects

middot; Excellent color uniformity

middot; Low cell breakage rate

110W BIPV Mono Solar Module
Rated maximum power(Pmax):  110W
Open circuit voltage (Voc):   23.32V
Short circuit current (Isc):   5.88A
Maximum power voltage (Vmp):  19.77V
Maximum power current (Imp):   5.56A
Cell efficiency (%):   19.95%
Max system voltage (V DC):   750V DC
Temperature coefficient of Voc:   -0.340%/ºC
Temperature coefficient of Isc:    +0.049%/ºC
Temperature coefficient of power:    -0.043%/ºC
Maximum Series Fuse Rating:   10A
Solar cell and configuration:    36pcs(4*9) in series, 125*125mm monocrystalline
Junction box:    IP65, 1000V DC, TUV certificated; 2PCS Schottky By-pass diodes
Cable type Cable:    cross section size 4mm², TUV certificated, 0.9m length:MC4
Encapsulation:    double glasses,high light transmission , TPT and fast cure EVA
Dimension(L*W*H):   1385*660*8.2mm
Weight:    14±1kg
Solar module light transmission39%
Operating temperature-40ºC~+85ºC


110W BIPV Mono Solar Module Rated maximum power(Pmax):  110W Open circuit voltage (Voc):   23.32V Short circuit current (Isc):   5.88A Maximum power voltage (Vmp):   19.77V Maximum power current (Imp):   5.56A Cell efficiency (%):   19.95% Max system voltage (V DC):   750V DC Temperature coefficient of Voc:   -0.340%/ºC Temperature coefficient of Isc:    +0.049%/ºC Temperature coefficient of power:    -0.043%/ºC Maximum Series Fuse Rating:   10A Solar cell and configuration:     36pcs(4*9) in series, 125*125mm monocrystalline Junction box:    IP65, 1000V DC, TUV certificated; 2PCS Schottky By-pass diodes Cable type Cable:    cross section size 4mm², TUV certificated, 0.9m length:MC4 Encapsulation:     double glasses,high light transmission , TPT and fast cure EVA Dimension(L*W*H):   1385*660*8.2mm Weight:    14±1kg Solar module light transmission 39% Operating temperature -40ºC~+85ºC