5kw On Grid Solar Home System

5kw On Grid Solar Home System

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Product Details

5kw On Grid Solar Home System

Solar panel
> Positive power tolerance at 0~+3%
> A grade quality, PID Resistant
> 25 years guarantee for output power
> Highest conversion efficiency of 17.5% 
> Anti-reflective power loss 
> Excellent mechanical load resistance at 5400Pa


Grid Tie Inverter
> 5 years standard warranty
> Max. Efficiency 98.3%, European efficiency 98%
> Integrated DC switch for added safety protection
> Two MPP Trackers allow two-array input and more convenient installation
> Power factor continuously adjustable
> Flexible communicated connection, support WIFI or RS485

Solar Bracket
> Residential Roof (Pitched Roof)
> Commercial Roof (Flat roof & workshop roof)
> Ground Solar Mounted system
> Vertical wall solar mounting system
> All aluminum structure solar mounting system



> PV Cable 4mm2 and 6mm2 
> PV Connector, MC4 type
> AC Cable, Fuse
> Air Switch / Knife Switch
> AC/DC PV Combined box

Advantages of Grid-Tied Solar System

1. Save more money with net metering
Usually, solar panels will generate more electricity than what you are capable of consuming. With net metering, homeowners can put this excess electricity onto the utility grid instead of storing it themselves with batteries.

2. The utility grid is a virtual battery
The electric power grid is in many ways as a battery, without the need for maintenance or replacement, and with much better efficiency rates. That means more electricity goes to waste with conventional off grid solar system.

5KW On Grid Solar System Equipment List
1Solar PanelPolycrystalline 260W Szie: 1640*990*35mm, Weight: 18KG20pcs
2Solar Inverter5KW Dual MPPT Single Phase Inverter Output Voltage: 110V/230V/400V 50/60Hz, GPRS or Wifi Size: 516*415*192mm, Weight: 24kgs1 Set
3Solar Mounting BracketWhole Set Mounting Structure for 20pcs Solar Modules1 Kit
4PV Cable4mm² PV cable200M
5PV ConnectorMC4, Rated voltage: 1000V DC10 Pairs
6Tool BagLightning Protection/Air switch, Fusegear, Knife Switch, Automatic Protector(Optional)1 Bag
Full Set 5KW On Grid Solar System Packing Information: 2.5CBM , 650Kg
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