10-60A 12V/24V Auto 48V USB PWM/MPPT Solar Charger Controller with LCD Screen

10-60A 12V/24V Auto 48V USB PWM/MPPT Solar Charger Controller with LCD Screen

MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking is algorithm that included in charge controllers used for extracting maximum available power from PV module under certain conditions. The voltage at which PV module can produce maximum power is called 'maximum power point' (or peak power voltage). Maximum power varies with solar radiation, ambient temperature and solar cell temperature.

Product Details

We have established a complete set of quality assurance system to ensure that our 165w 18V solar panel factory, cheap pv solar cells, 30W 40W 60W Solar Street Lamp can meet market norms and requirements. In the future, we will continue to spare no effort to provide our customers with reliable products and services, and contribute to the development of the industry. We operate in accordance with the law, and our standardize operations have gain us a good brand image for the company. As an open-minded company, we have been actively participating in industry exchanges and technology sharing with an open and inclusive belief.

MPPT Working Voltage Range12V System18 V ~ 80V DC
24V System30 V ~ 100V DC
36V System40 V ~ 100V DC
48V System60 V ~ 150V DC
96V System120 V ~ 200V DC
Maximum Solar
Input Voltage
12V/24V/36V /48V/96V200V DC
Input Power
12V System420W700W900W1400W
24V System840W1400W1700W2260W
36V System1260210027003420
48V System1650W2800W3400W4540W
96V System3360560072009120
Battery Type12V/24V/36V /48V/96VSealed lead acid /Gel Battery /Nickel cadmium battery (User customization)
Rated Current30A50A60A80A
Maximum Power≥91%
Charging ModelThe three stage:constant current(MPPT)/equalizing charge/floating charge
Working Temperature-20°C~60°C
Altitude0 ~ 3500m
Protection TypeIP 32

With quite a few factories, we will provide a wide variety of 10-60A 12V/24V Auto 48V USB PWM/MPPT Solar Charger Controller with LCD Screen. We optimize the corporate structure, hoping to promote the continued vigorous development of the company. We always adhere to the behavior responsibility of corporate citizens and make unremitting efforts in innovative product development, internal mechanism improvement, creating opportunities for partners and improving customer satisfaction, which has laid a solid foundation for our long-term development.
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