500W 12V/24V/48V off Grid DC to AC Modified Sine Wave Solar Inverter

500W 12V/24V/48V off Grid DC to AC Modified Sine Wave Solar Inverter

Inverter is a device with convert DC power into AC power, and it is widely used in office leisure and entertainment.

Product Details

Our experienced service personnel and customer-centric team provide customers with complete customized 8KW Complete On Grid Solar System, solar panels, 36V 220w mono solar panel with highest efficiency with innovative technology. We constantly update the equipment, improve the talent structure, improve the technical content of products to meet the growing market demand. Thanks to the long-term warm patronage and friendly cooperation of new and old customers at home and abroad, our company has been gone through the tough period. We hope to more closely integrate our technology plan with our business strategy and vision to achieve longer-term development.
12V Systemoutput AC 110V/220V
24V Systemoutput AC 110V/220V
AC Output Voltage110V/230V AC (normal)
DC Input Voltage Range10~15V DC/20~30V DC/40-60V DC
AC Output Frequency50±2Hz/60±2Hz
AC Output Wave FormPure sine wave
Ambient Temperature Range32°F-104°F or 0°C-40°C
Low Power Alarm Trigger Range10~10.4V / 20~21V / 40~42V (normal)
Low Voltage Battery Closing Range9.7~10V / 19.4~20V / 29.1~30V (normal)
High Voltage Battery Closing Range15V / 30V / 60V (normal)
Product Size225x125x64mm315x218x98mm375x218x98mm410x215x100mm480x215x100mm
Product Weight1.03Kg2.57Kg3.15Kg4.1Kg5.7Kg
After years of exploration and production experience accumulation, we have updated our understanding and practical actions in 500W 12V/24V/48V off Grid DC to AC Modified Sine Wave Solar Inverter production, research and development, independent innovation and cooperation with customers. Quality is the key to determine the quality of products and also the most fundamental needs of customers. Since we have a group of energetic young employees, we will continue to strengthen and use our own advantages to meet challenges, and make due contributions to the development of the industry.
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