Voltage Protector Surge Lightning Protection Device 3p 1000V DC SPD for Solar System

Voltage Protector Surge Lightning Protection Device 3p 1000V DC SPD for Solar System

Introduction and configuration: Be widely used in business places, home, factories, workshops, suitable for home lighting, commercial lighting, field-work, night markets lighting, factory workshop,etc. For no electricity areas, it could be charged by solar panels in daytime, and lighting in the night. For the areas that city power is expensive, it can be charged during the electricity valley value period, and used at the peak power period. Can be used as backup power, totally replace of commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and all kinds of emergency lighting, used as mobile generator.

Product Details

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Solar Panel18V/85W*2pcs
Lithium BatteryLiFePO4 battery 1KW.h
DC OutputSix circuits DC output 12V
USB OutputTwo circuits output 5V/2A
External LampCommon 10W LED*2pcs Common 20W LED*1pcs
Warranty3 Years

Advantages: 1. Compact design, small size, convenient to carry. 2. Power can,High quality, Cold-steel module, anti-corrosion, longer life, Integrated design. beautiful and practical. 3. Using LiFePO4 battery, the life span is more than 12 years. 4. Integrated packing, easy transportation.

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