Waterproof Outdoor Garden Underground Lamp LED Ground Light

Waterproof Outdoor Garden Underground Lamp LED Ground Light

18W 36W Solar Garden Light    Introduction & Advantages It is widely used in streets and roads, residential areas, scenic sports, parks, squares, private gardens and other public places.

Product Details

All 150W Off-Grid Solar System, solar roof suppliers, 24V solar panel suppliers of our company adopt the industry standard. Our products are exported to overseas and enjoy a good reputation in many overseas markets. As a responsible company, we always pay attention to the health of our employees. We pay more attention to internal quality, and design for customers according to their different needs to meet the needs of customers.
LED Power7W7W15W
Solar Panel18W18W36W
Lithium Battery3.2V/20Ah LiFePo43.2V/13Ah LiFePo43.2V/26Ah LiFePo4
Installation Distance10~15M10~15M15~20M
Fitting Height2.5~3.5M2.5~3.5M3~5M
Installation WayInstall on the pole or wall
Lighting TimeAll night lightning. The first 4 hours is full power lightning. The rest night lightning is intelligent power control.
Warranty5 Years
As a comprehensive service provider, we attach great importance to the operation and maintenance of our Waterproof Outdoor Garden Underground Lamp LED Ground Light and provide one-stop solutions for our customers. We are committed to establishing a flexible and efficient innovation management mechanism and a top-quality innovation talent team to lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company. In the face of fierce market competition, our company will continue to strengthen the innovative manufacturing concept, further improve the quality and grade of products and improve the market service system.


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