off Grid Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter 500W DC to AC Inverter

off Grid Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter 500W DC to AC Inverter

Inverter is a device with convert DC power into AC power, and it is widely used in office leisure and entertainment.

Product Details

In addition to pursuing continuous progress in technology, we also adhere to the people-oriented concept and strive to improve the quality of pv solar cells factory, buy 10w solar pad for charging battery and mobile phone, 80w solar panel for battery suppliers to a new level. We produce a series of products with various specifications, they are widely used in many industries and are exported to many countries and regions. We believe that with high-quality products, reasonable prices, considerate and efficient service and good communication and cooperation capabilities, we will create a better cooperative relationship with you. We adopt one-stop professional team management.
12V Systemoutput AC 110V/220V
24V Systemoutput AC 110V/220V
AC Output Voltage110V/230V AC (normal)
DC Input Voltage Range10~15V DC/20~30V DC/40-60V DC
AC Output Frequency50±2Hz/60±2Hz
AC Output Wave FormPure sine wave
Ambient Temperature Range32°F-104°F or 0°C-40°C
Low Power Alarm Trigger Range10~10.4V / 20~21V / 40~42V (normal)
Low Voltage Battery Closing Range9.7~10V / 19.4~20V / 29.1~30V (normal)
High Voltage Battery Closing Range15V / 30V / 60V (normal)
Product Size225x125x64mm315x218x98mm375x218x98mm410x215x100mm480x215x100mm
Product Weight1.03Kg2.57Kg3.15Kg4.1Kg5.7Kg
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