30W 50W Solar Steet Light Solar Lamp

Introduction & Advantages It is widely used in streets and roads, residential areas, scenic sports, parks, squares, private gardens and other public places. ø Installation Area: from Equator to Polar regions ø Integrated design, modular production and easy installation. ø Low voltage design, safe and reliable. ø With LiFePO4 battery, high safety and long life span. ø With high efficiency LED, With 50000 hrs life span. ø With PC outdoor optical lens, high light transmittance, high temperature resistance and aging       resistance.

Product Details

Product Parameters

Parameter30W Solar Street Light50W Solar Street Light
LED Power30W50W
Solar Panel65W95W
Lithium Battery3.2V/50(±5)Ah LiFePO43.2V/65(±5)Ah LiFePO4
Installation Distance20~30M30~40M
Installation WayInstall on the pole
Fitting Height6~8M8~10M
Lighting TimeAll night lightning. The first 4 hours is full power lightning. The rest night lightning is intelligent power control.
Warranty5 Years

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