72 Cells 360 W High Efficient Mono Solar Module

72 cellls 360W High Efficient Mono Solar Module

Product Details

72 cellls 360W High Efficient Mono Solar Module

Rated maximum power(Pmax):360watt
Open circuit voltage (Voc):48.00V
Short circuit current (Isc):9.51A
Maximum power voltage (Vmp):39.50V
Maximum power current (Imp):9.12A
Module efficiency (%):18.60%
Max system voltage (V DC):1000V DC
Temperature coefficient of Voc:-0.340%/ºC
Temperature coefficient of Isc:+0.049%/ºC
Temperature coefficient of power:-0.043%/ºC
Maximum Series Fuse Rating:18A
Solar cell and configuration:72pcs(6*12) in series, 156.75*156.75mm monocrystalline
Junction box:IP67, 1000V DC, TUV certificated; 3PCS Schottky By-pass diodes
Cable type & connector4mm², TUV certificated, 0.9m length; MC4
Encapsulation:low iron tempered glass 3.2mm thickness, light transmission above 91% , TPT and fast cure EVA
Frameclear anodized aluminum alloy, 40 mm thickness, silver
Heavy mechanical load salient features5400Pa( according to IEC61215)
Hail impact testIce ball diameter 25mm, 23m/s
Operating temperature-40ºC~+85ºC
Standard test conditions:STC: AM=1.5, 1000W/M², cells temperature 25ºC
Power tolerance : ±3% (can be provided 0~+3%) NOCT: 45±2ºC
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