165W Colorful Poly Solar Panel

165W Colorful Poly Solar Panel

Basic Info. Model NO.:CNSDPV-JT-001 Trademark:ZhongJing Origin:ShanDong Province, China Product Description System design: Solar module 500Wp; Maintenance-free battery 300AH/24V; Inverter 1000W; Solar charger controller 20A At-door installation or offer the blueprint 3 rainy days of the system...
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Product Details

High Efficiency 135W-165W 18V Colorful Poly Solar Panels with 36 Cells and Full Certificates and A Grade Quality and 25 Years Warranty for Solar System and Battery and Street Light


Basic Info.

Model NO.:CNSDPV-JT-001


Origin:ShanDong Province, China

Production Description:

Colorful Poly Solar Panel 135W-165W

*Colorful Poly-crystalline modules with highest efficiency cell

* Low iron tempered solar glass

* Schottky type bypass diode

* IP 65, TUV certificated junction box, MC4 connectors

* Clear anodized aluminum frame

* Tedlar (TPT) back sheet

* Ultraviolet aging resistance, wind resistance of up to 5400Mpa

* EVA sheet of double side 

* TUV,CE Certificated 

Kea Features

*High conversion efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar cells

*High reliability and + tolerance output power capacity

*Torsion and corrosion-resistant anodized frame

*High transmission rate and low iron tempered glass

*anti-aging EVA and high flame resistant TPT

*Withstands high wind pressure and snow load and extreme temperature variations.

*Lightweight and pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation

*Water-resistant junction box


solar panels: solar panels is the core of solar power generation system, solar power system is the highest value of the part. Its role is to convert the sun's radiation capacity into electricity, or sent to the battery to store, or to promote the load work. The quality and cost of solar panels will directly determine the quality and cost of the entire system. A solar cell is a device that responds to light and converts light energy into electricity. There are many kinds of materials that can produce photovoltaic effect, such as: single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, selenium and other copper. Their power generation principle is basically the same, now crystal as an example to describe the photovoltaic power generation process. P-type crystal silicon doped with phosphorus can be N-type silicon, the formation of P-N junction.

When the light is irradiated on the surface of the solar cell, a part of the photon is absorbed by the silicon material; the energy of the photon is transferred to the silicon atom, so that the electrons move and become free electrons formed on both sides of the P-N junction to form a potential difference. When the circuit, in the role of the voltage, there will be a current flowing through the external circuit to produce a certain output power. The essence of this process is the process of converting photon energy into electrical energy.