5W Portable Solar Power System

5W Portable Solar Power System

Introduction: This product is a type of portable micro-generation system which is designed for no or lack of electricity areas. It can be used at home, outside or commercial area, field operation, camping, breeding industry, farm, night market and agritainmnet, etc. It also can be used as emergency lighting.
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Product Details

Model CNSDPV-K1.0
Solar Panel5V/5W
Lithium BatteryLiFePO4 battery 42W.h
DC OutputThree circuits DC output 3.2V
USB OutputOne circuit output 5V/2A
Built-in Lamp2 Levels, higher power and lower power
External LampCommon 6W LED*3pcs
External Lamp Cable Length3M
Lighting TimeOne external lamp working 20 hrs;
Two external lamps working 10 hrs;
Three external lamps working 7 hrs;
          For the built-in lamp, higher level working 16 hrs and lower level working 32 hrs.
Warranty5 Years


1. compact design, small size, convenient to carry
2. Integrated design, mould production, easy installation.
3. Using LiFePO4 battery, the life span is more than 12 years.
Anti-dust design, DC output, safe and reliable.
5. Integrated packing, easy transportation.